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The 2rist Campus Ambassador


Is travelling your passion? Do you want to explore the world? Want to make some extra money and also get a free trip ! Come join us on our “2rist Campus Ambassador ” programme.

Who are we & what we do -

We are a group travel organizer of pocket-friendly, end to end trips to exotic & offbeat locations in India & abroad for solo travelers & groups.

  • We are budget friendly travel organizer, that is why students & backpackers love us !
  • We don't just sell packages, instead an experienced travel manager travels with the group who has already been there and done that!
  • All our trips will have an offbeat destination to explore, because we hate going to boring mainstream locations.. 

What you have to do -

If you know someone in your family, friends, college, classes, society, workplace or in your social media friends’ list,who is planning for their next outing or trip either in India or abroad, you just have to talk to them & make them aware about the 2rist.

If they travel with us on the trips suggested by you, you will get cash & goodies !

Whenever we come up with a new itinerary, we will share it with you and also commission rate that you can earn. It’s that simple !

What you can offer-

If you find-

  • A solo traveler then, we have lot of upcoming trips on various destinations, you can offer anyone of them.
  • If you come across a group, who has a location in mind, but they are unable to plan up a trip, share their details with us. We will help them.
  • If you know a group who wants to go on a trip, but they are clueless about everything related to location & planning, even then share their detail with us, we will be happy to serve them.
  • If you know someone in a corporate company, startup, college, club or committee, who is looking for a outing or trip for their employees or friends, then connect them with us.

Don’t worry, you will be rewarded in all 4 cases !

What you get -

As a 2rist Campus Ambassador, we are sure that you will do hard work and we believe that hard work should be rewarded. On every traveler that comes from your reference,

  • You get a fixed amount of commission for each and every traveler coming from your reference.
  • If you are able to convince a group of 25+ travelers to travel with us, then you can travel for FREE on that trip ! Be it is India or abroad or any part of the globe.
  • Bonus - As you are “2rist Campus Ambassador” you will also get an exclusive discount on every trip that you go with us.
  • Special surprise trip for The 2rist Campus Ambassador of the year ! 

This is our way of showing love for our 2rist Campus Ambassadors !

How to join -

It is very easy, just fill up a form and you can become a 2rist Campus Ambassador and guess what, there is no joining fees.

There is only one criteria - You should be passionate about travelling and exploring places ! 

Become a Campus Ambassador

To know more, call us on 9152726161 


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